Pet Hair Jewelry

Cherished Pets

Cat Fur Roses
The pieces on this page have all been created
using Pet Hair/Fur.

They have all been created to the

customer’s specifications and to look
as much like a picture of the pet as I can make it.

Image of Calico Cat

Any of the designs shown
on this site can be created using any
type of hair or fur.

Those on this page are
representative of pieces I have

created using pictures of the pet
to create the design using
their hair/fur.


Image Placed
Inside a Ring

These Heirloom Quality Pieces
are Created to Last for Generations.

They are individually hand crafted
using vintage techniques
dating back to the 1700’s

A small clip of hair/fur

from your dog, cat, or other
pet is crafted into the design
of your choice.

Dark Hair Cat

Light Haired Dog
Art can be placed inside a
keepsake locket, jewelry piece, or a
small picture frame.

Hair art is a comfort for people in
mourning and looking for a pet memorial.

Wolf’s Hair
Click Here to See
Locket Styles Available
and Pricing
This Pendant is Made from
Wooly Mammoth Hair
and Placed on Ivory from it’s Tusk

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