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Hair Treasures

It takes much less hair than most people think to create a piece of hair art jewelry. It depends on the design chosen what length is needed, but most designs do not need hair any longer than 2″ and some designs can be created with hair 1/2″ or even less in length!

All hair art inside jewelry is placed on a background of mother of pearl. I can tint the mother of pearl to most any color you may desire, but most pieces look best on the natural color tone.

There are several pendant styles to choose from or you can send me your own setting if it will work with the design you have chosen. (Many clients have antique pieces and choose to have them filled with their own designs.)

The most important thing to know about sending me your own setting for the hair art is that it be covered in glass. There must also be enough depth that the backing and hair art fit inside without the glass pushing down on it.

I always return any hair that is not used for the creation of your piece as I know how precious it is to you.

Round Sterling Silver Pendants – Glass on Both Sides
Heart Shape Sterling Silver – Glass on Both Sides

For Hair Art Placed in Pendant and Includes Shipping

These pendants do not have a lot of depth inside but they can have designs with a little dimension and a picture on the reverse.

There is about 3/4″ in diameter for the design or picture inside.
These pendants have a rope edge or a plain edge and come in a large variety
of sizes.

The pendant above measures 1-1/8″ in diameter
are available in sterling silver, gold-filled or 14k gold on
special order. There is glass on both sides
Plain Edge Pendant $250.
Rope Edge Pendant $275.
Cost Includes Shipping

These pendants will fit a picture or wording on the back and the design on the front.

These pendants come in smaller sizes that make a nice earrings.

This is a sample of a small picture frame that was used. It is sterling silver and about 3″ x 4-1/2″
The cost of art placed inside a picture frame will depend on the cost of the frame itself and the size. The larger the size the more the cost of the final piece.

One such as pictured is about $300. to $350. depending on frame cost.

These Pendants have a solid back with a pin for wearing as a broochThese pendants filled with hair art are $300. per piece. This includes the cost of Shipping.

This style is very suitable for re-creation events where a brooch is desired rather than a pendant.
There are limited quantities of these.

They are sterling silver with a triple plated 14k gold vermeil finish.
You can send me an item you own and would like me to create hair art for.

Please email me with specifics and I can give you a quote for the artwork.
This is a Box Cover about 4″ or so round

Small Locket
Small Locket

Setting that fits inside a larger piece.

I have also created larger pieces that fit inside picture frames. Larger for hanging on a wall, and smaller such as for sitting on a desk or dresser.

I can work with one person’s hair or I can create a “family” piece with many persons hair. And, anything in between. These are ALL custom made and to YOUR vision of how you want it to look. I do my best to create it exactly as you wish, as much as possible and it is not completed until you have approved the design.

Most pieces can be created in a week to ten days, though they are not finished until you have approved the hair art.

Email me at Sandi@HairArtJewelry.com

Email me at Sandi@HairArtJewelry.com

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